Applied Mathematics

The day will be filled with one-on-one conversations, which will be scheduled for each student. There will also be lunch included. When registrations open in a few weeks, you can indicate what time slots would be suitable for you in the registration form so we can make a schedule that will fit you! We will try to schedule as much company talks as you are interested in, however, we can not guarantee you will be scheduled with all your choices.

Throughout the day, there will also be talks about pursuing a career in education or academia. The day will end with a keynote speech by an alumnus of Applied Mathematics. It is also possible to sign up for these talks in the registration form. These talks will be streamed live. More information about the live streams will follow.


10:30 to 11:15 Career perspectives in Education by Wim Caspers

Wim Caspers is a teacher training at the TU Delft for the master Science Education and Communication and he teaches mathematics at a high school in The Hague. He will be talking about what it is like to teach mathematics (or any other subject). And he will consider questions like why would you want to become a teacher, what does it take to become a teacher and how long does it take. And also is it easy, what are the prospects and is there any danger of becoming a teacher forever ...?

11:30 to 12:15 Career Perspectives in Industry by Maarten Piepers

Maarten Piepers joined Bartosz as a manager in 2014. To him, Bartosz is an inspiring company that cherishes the craftsmanship of its professionals. From the conviction that focusing on this craftsmanship and commitment of employees leads to delivering quality services, he likes to contribute to the further growth and success of this organisation. As a manager at Bartosz, he maintains close contact with the team he supervises. He is also account manager for a number of their customers and tries to introduce new customers to their services. Furthermore, he is responsible for the internal automation and the facility management. In terms of content, he contributes to the design of our agile profile, the organisation of technical trajectories and the organisation of knowledge events.

14:30 to 15:15 Career perspectives in Academia by Geurt Jongbloed

Geurt Jongbloed: 'I have always liked mathematics. After studying in Delft, I obtained a PhD and worked as a consultant for researchers in agro-technology. The latter job lasted relatively short because I was given the opportunity to become a lecturer in mathematics at the VU Amsterdam. I worked there for ten years and then returned to Delft as a professor. That was in 2007. Over the years there have been several moments of decision considering my career. I would like to share my personal motivation that has guided these decisions and also how our beautiful profession is still part of my "daily routine"!'